Athlete resolves to improve skills after facing adversity

Mathieu Diano, Ranger Review Reporter

An anonymous student at Lewis Palmer enjoys baseball and hanging out with his friends. This student has worked hard recently to become a better person and player. 

“Getting cut from the team affected me a lot, and it encouraged me to try my best and give 100% no matter what. It’s definitely the coach’s decision whether he wants you to play or not, but it made me want to work harder and get better so I can try out again next year and make the team. Getting cut definitely made me mad because it isn’t a positive thing to reflect on, but it made me really want to strive to make the team. So I played on a summer team and we practiced and worked an extreme amount and I believe if I show the coaches how much I worked over the summer, during the spring workouts, I can make the team next year. It definitely made me want to work my tail off. Baseball has helped me focus on team dynamics and understand that we should have each others backs. Everyone has their own skill on a baseball team that they can contribute to the game and understanding that has helped me gain more respect and responsibility. I think you should always give 100% every time you go out there cause even if you’re feeling negative, I realize my teammates are there for me. Giving 100% is all you can do because you have to show the coaches you can perform really well. I want people to know me as an all around good guy. I try not to be mean to anyone, and I don’t give out insults. I try to be nice to everyone and I don’t judge them by the way they look. I make sure they feel comfortable in their environment. I want people to know that I can be there for them even if we’re not friends.”