Freshman encourages positivity

Kaitlyn McGuffee, Ranger Review Reporter

A freshman who attends Lewis-Palmer High School has her hands full with school, being an older sister, and preparing to go to state for poms. She does not let that drag her down.

“I like school when it comes to talking, but I hate school when it comes to learning. I have great friends though, that help make my day much easier. I feel like school would be better if we didn’t have homework and we didn’t have to work as much and we could talk more. Break is coming up pretty quick though. My biggest struggle right now is probably state for poms is coming up. I am freaking out about it, just because it’s just coming up so close, and I am the youngest on the team right now so it’s kind of more stressful for me, I guess. If I am ever struggling with anything, my close friends and my family always help out. They’re sorta just there for me, like if I am having trouble with something, they’ll help me out.  I just have to keep staying positive and moving forward.”