Lewis-Palmer student spreads message of kindness

Ashlynn Vrieze, Ranger Review Reporter

Anonymous student at Lewis Palmer High School wants kindness to be a trait everyone strives to have.

“I regret not talking more, I probably could have made a lot more friends. I like talking with my friends, but when it comes to just anyone, I’m kinda shy. School would be better if we could mess around more and have more time to hang out. I want to be remembered as the person who makes people’s days better, the person where people are like, “oh, she’s nice.” I want my first impression on people to be good. When meeting someone, I hope they think I’m nice and enjoyable to spend time with.  All I want is for everyone to be kind to people and include them in things. Being left out is not fun. If someone looks like they are being left out or even barely left out, you should just ask them how they are doing or invite them in.”