Student strives for academic success

Bryanna-Marie Garcia, Ranger Review Reporter

A sophomore anonymously reflects on her greatest struggle at the current moment. She talks about self-worth and one of her greatest achievements. 

“My biggest struggle at the moment is my sense of self-worth. Also, I accepted that I work hard for things I get, and I deserve them. I lettered in academics, and getting this letter was a big achievement for me. I finished freshman year with a 4.0 GPA and it is still continuing throughout my sophomore year. I am in honors classes, and I still make good grades. Yet, I felt like It didn’t deserve that letter. I grew up knowing that getting lettered was for sports only. So I am coming to terms with feeling deserving of what I have. I feel like we need to start celebrating more of the academics achievements. We need to promote that if you work hard for things, you deserve them, not just in sports. I may not be able to run a mile, but I can write a nine page essay and still get a good grade on it.”