McKay gives advice on keeping positive mentality


McKay gives advice on how he keeps a positive mentality with the challenges he faces. “If you tell yourself you are something, you become that,” McKay said.

Riley Smith, Ranger Review Reporter

Griffin Mckay 9 was new into the district this year. Despite this, he came into Lewis-Palmer with a positive and faithful mentality, and through that he gained friends who helped him develop into the person that he is today.

“I was new this year, I didn’t know anyone, and since I’ve been hanging out with the right people. I feel like it’s really built me into the person that I am. I kind of had to adapt to show who I am at this school. For the first two weeks I didn’t say anything, but then I met the right people, and I came out of my shell. I think I just try to go in with that mentality. Because even if I can’t do well, I come out and I’m just like ‘that’s cool.’ It’s my mindset, you know, if you tell yourself you are something, then you become that. You just tell yourself you’re going to get a hundred, and then you do. I think it’s the mentality that if I don’t do well, it’s okay.”