Webb stays positive to help others


Forrest Webb IV believes that talking to people displays his positivity. “If people don’t come up and talk to me then I’ll go up and talk to them, and I’ll ask them how their day is going,” Webb said.

Laura Bird, Ranger Review Reporter

Forrest Webb IV (10) is involved in many clubs and activities here at Lewis-Palmer including Sources of Strength and Musical Theatre. He leans toward believing that positivity is key. He is quick to make sure he engages with people who look like they need someone to talk to.

“I’ve seen kids all around who aren’t having a great time, and they seemed really stressed out, who are having rough family issues, and who are just giving a lot of positivity. If people don’t come up and talk to me then I’ll go up and talk to them,  and I’ll ask them how their day is going. My famous phrase is, ‘how’s it going bud?’ I may seem awkward, but I love to talk to people. I just love to socialize with people and get to know people. If people would want to come up and say how their day is going then I’d like to listen. I’m a great listener. I don’t ever like to get mad at people, and when I get mad at people I just try to keep my mind off of it. That feeling of anger just doesn’t sit well with me, so I try to find different ways to wash that out of my system so I don’t stay mad at people.”