Rachel O’Connell talks about the impact of words


Rachel O’Connell 9 is passionate about many things, especially words. She hopes to become a writer one day.

Lilly Pike, Ranger Review Reporter

“I’m passionate about love and I’m passionate about my friends; I’m passionate about a lot of different groups of people and their rights, but I guess another thing that I’m super passionate about is words. I guess that sounds kind of odd because everyone can speak, but not everyone can express themselves with words. I think it’s very important how you use them. I’m really into poetry and I’ve seen that poets put words on paper, and they made you see them in so many different ways. There’s no incorrect way to write poetry, and there’s no incorrect way to interpret poetry. You can look at these words and think of them however you want. I’ve spent a lot of my life turning to books because I haven’t felt safe or happy in the community I’m in, and books have (felt safe). They’re just words, and yet they’re putting pictures in my head and I really think that’s the coolest thing in the world. I hope to be a writer one day and I just hope I can put that kind of perception on life in someone else’s head because you really can interpret words however you want. A lot of the time, it’s not what people say, it’s how they say it. And I just think it’s so cool that words can say so much and so little at the same time.”