Greenwood shares what basketball means to her


Marlee Mikesell, Team Leader

Griffin Greenwood moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado this year. She also played on the varsity basketball team. 

“I am new to LP. I moved here from Pennsylvania. I love LP; from my first day here, everyone was so nice and welcoming. I have been the ‘new kid’ a lot, and most of the time it is really nerve racking coming into a new school, and normally people aren’t as nice as they are here. I had so many opportunities to join clubs and stuff. I have been playing basketball since I was age 5. I played basketball my freshman year, but it was a bigger school, and we were previous state champions, so I only made JV. I played Varsity basketball this year. I was super honored to have been selected, because being in Varsity is a big thing. I loved all the girls on the team, even from my first open gym, they were all so nice and welcoming. They were such a good group of girls to play with. Everyone on the team is super close. There are certain things people break off to do. Riley and Ally were always the two that would do Tik Tok dances before games, and some girls would do timed jump photos before each game. Overall, we were all so close. We would all clique as soon as we got onto the court, it was really fun to play like that. We have team dinners before each home game, and for the last game, we have dinner at coach house, and then have a wrestling match in the basement which is so fun. I hope the dynamic of the team next year stays the same. We are losing four seniors, which may not seem like a lot, but we are losing Ally, our team captain, Katja, our hype squad, and two other seniors that were guards that made the team what it was. I hope that the incoming seniors and the incoming freshman can help maintain that dynamic. Hopefully we can make it to the playoffs, and if not, go further. I am involved in key club, French club, Treble Voices, and I play piano. When I am in season for basketball, it makes things a little rough to keep a balance, but once I get into the flow of things it becomes easier. I want to hopefully play college basketball. I am not quite sure where yet. I am looking into the Air Force Academy. I always get emails from colleges about summer camps that could lead to me getting scouted. I really hope to play in College. If you want to join basketball, show up to all that you can, like there is an open gym, or a team event try and come. Go to everything. Communicate with the coach and everyone. Being talkative on the court really helps. ”