Michael Meere pursues passion of science


Michael Meere competes in Science Olympiad. Last year Meere was a captain of the team.

Zoe O'Donnell, Ranger Review Reporter

“I’m most interested in biomedical and chemistry. I began to like science when I was first introduced to chemistry, I thought I could really problem solve, which I really enjoy. Last year, when I found out our team was going to state, was one of one of my greatest moments in Science Olympiad. I really didn’t think we could do it, but we pulled it off. At the competition, I ended up doing five events. I was only supposed to do three, and spent a lot of time preparing for those events. I didn’t have any time to do the work for the other two because I got them the day of the competition. As a captain last year, I led by being direct and blunt. I really wish that more people knew I had interests outside of learning, like reading classics and going outdoors.”