Knierim finding his home


Andrew Knierim 10, enjoys performing with the Drama Club. The Drama Club has opened Knierim up to Lewis Palmer.

Samantha Copeland, Ranger Review Reporter

“My Mom has been in the Air Force for about 20 years, and she had finally retired last year. We were trying to find a house to settle down in and every time we would go skiing we would always come here. We always liked the area, the climate, and everything about Colorado, so we made the move here. I was born in South Carolina but we only lived there for a year. Then we went to Florida for I believe three years. We then moved to southern Colorado Springs for six years. Then we lived in San Antonio, Texas for four years and then we finally moved back to Colorado. I don’t really remember the first two moves, I only remember moving to Texas and then moving here. It was interesting because I would make friends but then when I would move, it would be hard since you’re at such a young age and you don’t have a phone or any social media so you lose contact. It got easier as I’ve grown, so this move has been pretty easy. It is nice to know that this is where I’m going to be staying until college. It’s a nice thing to go into school and know that these are the people I’ll see for the next three years instead of feeling like well, I could move in the next year because you never know; so it is really nice. This school has been really inviting, especially the Drama Club. I love acting so that was a great way to get me opened up to not only the school but the people around me and the teachers. It has been a really nice welcome.”