Ellie expresses emotions through style


Lily Ragsdale, Ranger Review Reporter

Ellie Nystrom 9 is a Freshman and a style icon who walks the halls of Lewis Palmer High School. She adores thrifting and is very good at it as well.  She can mix and match almost anything to make an outfit.

“I normally shop at thrift stores such as Goodwill, Arc, or the new thrift store in the Chapel Hills  mall. Other than thrifting, I like to shop online at a lot of different stores. I really like the Fairy Core shop. They have really cute clothes that match my style. Of all things that inspire me, I would say my mood inspires my style the most. If I’m feeling bright and happy that day, I’ll wear bright colors because it ends up fitting my vibe for the day.  Another thing that inspires my style is Maeve Wiley. She’s one of my favorite tv show characters. And to be honest my favorite item to wear would definitely be any skirt. All  types of skirts work for me. I really like the way skirts can be paired with other items.  It’s simple and easy but also really cute. I prefer to go thrifting over buying newer clothes because you can find more unique, one of a kind, vintage, or limited edition items.  Each item has its own story that way. The price is always a plus too! I really love having a unique style to express myself, and I  think everyone should have a style unique to themselves.  It is important to express yourself and thrift stores can definitely help out with that.”