Richardson keeps an open mind


Caroline Richardson tries to keep an open mind, and stay clear of judging others. “I think it’s okay to argue your opinion and stand up for what you believe in, and protect the people that you care about.”

Riley Smith, Ranger Review Reporter

Caroline Richardson 10 is an outgoing person who stands up for what they believe in whenever they can. However, she makes sure that she keeps an open mind, and is never quick to judge others.

“If what you’re gonna say to someone isn’t going to improve them or it’s not a positive thing, then just hold it back. If someone’s not hurting you or anyone around you then you shouldn’t judge them. You shouldn’t judge someone off of one opinion, you should be accepting. If they have an opinion that isn’t hurting anyone, then it’s okay for them to have that opinion. It’s also fine for you to voice your opinion, as long as you’re being respectful to the other person and being open minded. Sometimes people are being so close minded that they think they’re opinion is the only right one, and they don’t leave any room to think about changing their mind. Try not to be quick to judge. I’m one to give people multiple chances and I’m going to be a forgiving person. I always put myself in the other person’s shoes in any situation, and try to think about how they’re seeing it. Just be respectful of everyone.”