Grahams’ views on the political divide


Mollie Graham 10 wants to help break the stigma that talking about politics needs to be tense. “I always try to have a civil conversation with people who have opposing beliefs and try to keep it as friendly as possible.”

Samantha Copeland, Ranger Review Reporter

Mollie Graham 10 is very opinionated on the political crisis that we are currently facing in the U.S. Graham has recently gotten into politics since the COVID-19 virus started spreading world wide. Graham wants to make her opinions on political issues known; however, she also wants to get rid of the stigma that talking about politics needs to be tense and uncomfortable. 

“I am a Conservative and I believe in staying to the constitution. Many Conservatives really want to stick with the same beliefs that America was founded on. I think COVID-19 influenced me getting into politics. Once COVID-19 hit I started to get more interested in what was happening in the world. I started to form my own opinions and views on issues in our world. I wish we could change the division that we are currently facing in our country. There is no need for the hate due to the differences in our opinions. I think this divide is affecting the way that we are not able to work together. If someone says that they are on one side and another says they are on the opposing side then there is a huge wall of tension that doesn’t need to be there. It has also made people violent which is extremely unnecessary. I always try to strike up a conversation. It might be a little more friendly if we have the same views, but I always try to be polite when I am talking about something that can be difficult to talk about. Your political beliefs don’t define how you should treat people or how people should view you.”