White reminisces on past friends


Alex White 10 thinks of his old friends and finds ways to make new friends as he works.

Cole Aggers, Ranger Review Reporter

“I don’t even know where I would be right now or who I would be without my friends. We’re not friends anymore and it’s sad because they kind of shaped my life. They were good up until the end. There was a party, and there were like eight people who brought weed. It got caught by the parents in the morning, they all pinned on me, and lied to the parents. I thought well then I’m not gonna be friends with you guys because you guys don’t know what’s best for me anymore.  They definitely have made me who I am today even though I didn’t agree with their choices, they taught me how to use my voice. You know growing up, it was honestly kind of boring. I’ve been in this town my entire life. And I grew up in a small-ish neighborhood, and so there weren’t many people. You know when you live in a small town. I am doing a lot better now, I found a new group of friends so I’m not necessarily close to a lot of friends but I know a lot of people so I talked to them occasionally. I really spend most of my time working and I’m fine with that. I’m a 3d artist, so I usually do that in my free time, and then I also am a video editor for YouTube channels. I applied to be an editor for a YouTuber named Cody Ko, and I ended up getting an interview but I didn’t end up getting the job because of child labor laws which was unfortunate but still pretty cool that I got an interview. I love my work and most people can’t find a passion this young, so I feel lucky that I have, even if that means I don’t have many friends. I’ve known since I was little that I wanted to do something with computers and I still have a love for them, so I’m okay with not being the “known” kid at school. I am okay with being a nobody, ‘cause one day I’ll be a somebody.”