Cozzolino finds a passion for tennis


Kristina Cozzolino practices tennis on the weekends.

Gianna Cozzolino, Ranger Review Reporter

I started playing tennis in June at John Venezia Park. I’ve played a bunch of sports since I was a kid. I’ve tried volleyball and I’ve tried field hockey. Tennis is the one I really like. I honestly just started playing because I thought it looked cool. I didn’t have much going on so far in summer, so I wanted to have an activity to occupy me. My favorite thing about tennis is playing against someone on my level or even higher to challenge me. Serving can be pretty hard, though. It’s all in the toss, and you really just have to focus. You never want to get stressed while playing tennis because it’ll just mess you up. The first time I started playing, I could tell that it was going to be a pretty hard sport to learn. There was a lot of running involved, and you really have to be precise with your movements. Right after the first day, I fell in love with it and I knew I wanted to become really good at it. Time flies by so quickly whenever I’m playing. I’m going to try out for Lewis-Palmer in the spring. Hopefully, I can get on the JV team, or possibly even varsity. I know a couple of my friends already that will be trying out as well. It will be fun to be on a team with them and practice with them after school. It’s definitely going to be something I’m going to try to carry all throughout high school because I love it so much. It’s a great sport that I think a lot of people should take on if they want something challenging.”