Xavier Locke and his love for basketball


Locke 10 explains what playing basketball means to him. “I love being able to play because it helps me work through any stresses in my life,” Locke said.

Samantha Copeland, Ranger Review Reporter

“I like running, it helps me clear my head. When I am playing basketball it helps me work with other people and compete with myself and others. Every Tuesday and Thursday there is basketball practice after school. If I am not at school I spend most of my weekends at a park near my grandma’s house playing with my friends and brother. I started playing with friends who were older than me and they motivated me to work harder, I think that’s where I got some of my competitive spirit. I’ve been playing basketball since about 7th grade and don’t plan on stopping. This year I want to try out for the school’s basketball team; I have to pick up my grades and then I will try out. I don’t like losing and basketball is a sport where you have to give 110%. When we are one point down, I am going to try my hardest to win. I love to watch old highlights of Micheal Jordan, it’s great to watch someone who you aspire to be like and try to recreate the amazing things they did. I didn’t have a father figure growing up so it kind of means a lot that I am able to be good at something that your dad would normally teach you.”