Swaitek expresses herself through her unique style


Creighton Smith

Ellie Swiatek expresses herself through her style and makeup.“I chose myself over self-harm. Love yourself and be you,” Ellie Swiatek 9 said.

Hannah Wagner, Ranger Review Reporter

“The hardest thing about having a different style is having people look at me. I get compliments here and there. Sometimes they just go with it. They don’t like criticizing me for it. Which is pretty nice. People always ask me why I dress as I do. I do it because I just want to feel free. My favorite class is the most supportive of my style. It’s like this study hall for the kids that need help to get back up. Like, get back up to the average grade level. For the longest time, I’ve been on the autism spectrum. I didn’t even know this until, like, two months ago. I mean, it makes sense for a couple of things because they reflected back into my kindergarten year and they saw the difference in my learning. And I was like, okay, that does actually make sense. I do have a bit of an imagination. In February, after the most depressing time of my life, it was like, I felt very, very bad about myself. And I knew I was different but I didn’t want to be different. So I looked at other people and tried to be like them, but then I thought that I would never be like them. I wasn’t really fine with it. I did some really bad stuff to myself, some stuff that I shouldn’t talk about. Afterward, my parents found out and my mom helped out the most, but my dad he was just wondering where I got it from. Like, he always assumes I get it from some stupid website or some crap like that. But, but my mom really cared. She told me that I’m loved. And then I thought about some things like how should I express myself? And I found a couple of things I’m good at and I express myself in that way, like makeup. Mostly my mom and my friends supported me because I was changing and they knew that this was a good thing for me. Not a lot of people knew what I was doing like, my parents. Most of my friends didn’t know I kept this to myself, of course. And so my self-love was like about, at a five in February. I mean, people saw me as, trying to be someone else instead of myself, but in reality, I was being my true self. Well, she didn’t know who she was until she found out what she was good at.”