One of a kind


Edwards has a unique view of people through her sass and wit. “People can think what they want about me and that’s ok because I’m always gonna be myself and no ones gonna change that,” Edwards 9 says.

Hannah Wagner, Ranger Review Reporter

“You know I’ve really never been an interesting person. I have a pretty normal life, with good friends. I do well in my classes. I play sports. I’m not very interesting, but I’ve never really wanted to be interesting. I’ve always viewed people as snowflakes, like how we’re not all the same but we’re all still snowflakes. I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out what makes certain people so special and other people get labeled as “normal.” Like why are kids so focused on popularity in high school when they won’t even see those people at all after high school. And you don’t pass high school “better” by being popular, you still pass as well as the quiet kid in the back of the classroom. If that makes sense. When we’re in high school we think high school is the whole world, just like we did when we were in elementary. We think our friends and our grades are our whole world as well. We don’t truly think about life after high school until after the end of our senior year, because thinking about the unknown is scary. But it’s really not because the unknown is just a place waiting to get known.“

-Elle Edwards 9