Empty bowl dinner improving the community one step at a time


Macee Trottner

One of the Monument Hill Kiwanis helping to make the Empty Bowl Dinner go as well as it possibly could.

Macee Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

The Empty Bowl Dinner took place in the commons of Lewis-Palmer High School on Wednesday October 7, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM. This was a silent auction and meal that helped raise not only awareness for hunger throughout the local community and globally, but helps raise money to help the cause as well.

During the dinner, groups of people are directed into the auditorium to participate in a silent auction. The dinner was sponsored by the Monument Hill Kiwanis who serve around the community and attend many different charity events that they sponsor.  Along with the Monument Hill Kiwanis, many different companies come to set up their booths and advertise their companies.

The Empty Bowl Dinner holds a dinner that consists of soups, breads, and desserts that are homemade and brought over from the restaurant, P.F. Chang’s. All people who attend chose from a variety of bowls that were provided by the local businesses, potters, and students who donate bowls they have made.

Tri-Lakes Cares is there to organize the event alongside the Key Club members from Lewis-Palmer High School. The Key Club members volunteered to help with this event and were there to serve the food, take care of giving people drinks and deliver the bowls during the auction.

Nicole Selitsch, 9, was a volunteer at the event and is a member of the Lewis-Palmer High School Key Club.

“I helped direct people to find the bowls, unstack many of the bowls before the auction, and also helped with dishwashing.” Selitsch said.

All the money that is made from the bowls that are auctioned off during the dinner is donated to the Tri-Lakes Cares non-profit organization to help the local community. Tri-Lakes Cares is a community based, volunteer program whose main focus is to improve people’s lives.

“The purpose of the Empty Bowl Dinner is for people to see a more creative side to pottery and to help the local community.” Selitsch said.

The Empty Bowl Dinner has been a very popular event over the years. Volunteers from all over the community come to help and serve the hundreds of people that come to participate in the dinner and auction.