iPhone X Monomania

Olivia Peterson, Ranger Review Reporter

Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s heard of it, so what is the iPhone X and is it really worth buying? Announced on September 12 and released on November 3, the limited stock iPhone X is out and people have many thoughts on it.

The iPhone X is priced at a shocking $999, and $1149 for the 256GB. Carissa O’Donnell 9 shares her thoughts of the price. “I think it’s very expensive and there’s a lot of unneeded things on it for that price.” Apple will also charge a flat rate of $280 for a screen repair, and $550 for further damages.

However, the iPhone X has several new features, including a wider, 5.8 inch Super Retina all screen display. With the wider screen, the home button has also been taken away. It also has more durable glass with an OLED display, and a two hour longer battery than the iPhone 7 and 7+. The big new feature on the iPhone X is that to unlock your phone, download apps, and access credit cards, you can use facial recognition, known as Face ID. It can supposedly recognize anyone in the dark, with a hat, wearing sunglasses, etc., but some people have mixed opinions about this.

“I mean that’s cool because you just have to look at your phone and it turns on for you, but it’s kinda creepy because it knows your face,” LPHS student Avery Kreischer 9 explains.

“This is creepy. I feel like the government is going to use that in some way and technology is taking control a little bit.” Juliette Hayes 12 says.

Apple’s new iPhone also has an improved camera. With its dual-lens 12-megapixel rear camera and image stabilization, it will be Apple’s best camera yet. According to “How the iPhone X Cameras Work” by Lory Gil, while someone is shooting photos or videos, the optical image stabilization reduces motion blur on both lenses, making a clearer photo. It also has new features which allows photos to have shallower depth of field, and look better and brighter in low-light situations. The phone also has a Portrait Lighting option, so you can choose different studio lighting options before you take a picture. The camera is overall sharper, brighter and higher-quality than ever seen before.

“High quality camera is really important for me honestly because I like taking pictures to save memories from each place I live.” Kreischer 9

Another feature of the iPhone X is that it introduces Animjoi and augmented reality. Several gamers are a fan of this. Augmented reality is a feature in games where it looks like there is something from the game, right where the user’s back camera can see. This really hit off in the popular game, Pokemon Go, but it is now in more games and looks more realistic/higher quality. Animoji is another feature Apple introduced. The iPhone will detect hundreds of your face muscle movements, and it can make it look like an emoji is doing what the user is doing. So a user can record themselves saying something and then it will make a certain emoji copying what he/she is doing.

Apple has also released wireless charging for Apple Products. This is not a new concept, but it is new for Apple. Unfortunately for many, the wireless charging pad works only for the iPhone 8, 8+, iPhone X, Apple watches and their wireless earbuds, AirPods. The price is $59.95, and it is available to buy now. Kreischer 9 explains why she thinks wireless charging is a good thing.

“I think wireless charging would be helpful… cords break all the time, so that will save expenses, and cords can be too short,” Kreischer 9

Few iPhone X’s have been seen so far, but people seem to be interested in what it’s like, who is willing to pay so much for the phone, and will it really be worth it?