Fortnite Creates Monopoly on Gaming Industry


Shane Bassett, Ranger Review Editor

Since Fortnite has launched back in mid-2017, its snowball effect has collected millions of players, creating a huge fanbase. The game has become the most streamed video game on the streaming platform Twitch, with hundreds of thousands of people tuning in every hour just to watch people play the game. Fortnite has now even surpassed Roblox as the biggest, most successful free-to-play console game to ever exist.

Now that the game has created a huge fanbase, the game has also created a huge monopoly over the battle royale industry. Player’s Unknown Battleground, otherwise known as PUBG, is another game that once ruled the battle royale industry. But in the past few months, Fortnite has now surpassed PUBG in all possible aspects. Fortnite has squashed the player count for PUBG but the revenue that Fortnite has created is beyond comparable to the few pennies PUBG has made.

Back in February, which was only two months ago, the game had seen a climatic rise in player popularity and total revenue. Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, had raked in $126 million in total revenue in just the month of February alone. All of this revenue is not because of advertisements, but because of the in-game currency, the battle pass, something that unlocks levels, and the item shop.

In Epic Games battle royale, there is the in-game currency known as V-Bucks. The purpose of the in-game currency is to buy cosmetic items within the item shop. Note that the items are purely cosmetic and nothing more. They provide no combat advantage over other competing players as they only make the player’s character look pretty. The V-Bucks can also be spent on what’s known as the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass is something that when purchased with the in-game currency, can boost a player a few levels ahead without even playing and it will also unlock a few extra cosmetics. Of course, the main way to obtain V-Bucks is spending your actual, hard earned money and some people are paying too much.

With Fortnite’s revenue from the month of February being $126 million, it seems like that Fortnite and Epic Games would be breaking the bank but March’s revenue is a total eye-opener. In just the matter of one month, the game’s revenue was boosted all the up to a whopping $225 million. This simple battle royale game has surely taken the world by storm.

Now as of May 8, Thanos, the main antagonist of Avengers Infinity War, has been added in a new mode for the battle royale game. The player can pick up the Infinity Gauntlet once it falls from the sky and can transform into the villain. A major mash-up of this Marvel character and Fortnite shows the game’s monumental impact upon people and how they spend their money.

Now that there are millions of players playing on iOS, PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4, the game is just sucking player’s wallets dry. Due to the revenue doubling from February to March, and ever increasing in April, at the end of the month its estimated the revenue made during the month of May will soar high above $225 million.