Snow days cancel school district-wide classes


Lilly Pike

Two snowstorms cover the ground with snow in October, leaving three snow days in its path. 2019’s October has become the 5th coldest October in Colorado Springs history. “I’ll never complain about a snow day," Ms. Thomas, the attendance secretary at the school, said.

Lilly Pike, Ranger Review Reporter

During two snowstorms at the end of October, the Lewis-Palmer School District closed three times. On October 24th, 28th, and 30th, classes were canceled due to the weather conditions. This October turned out to be the fifth coldest October recorded in Colorado Springs.

The first snow hit on the 23rd, causing the roads to ice over and temperatures to drop. The district canceled classes the next day, leaving some students stressed.

“I lost the routine of the week,” Rachel O’Connell 9 said. “I was just trying to do my homework all day, but the lack of school kind of gave me zero motivation.”

Students came back the next day, Friday, to then be released into the weekend. Just as the weekend was coming to an end, ice and snow caused the district to close school a second time. The long weekend ended with another winter storm warning. On Tuesday, the news was forecasting yet another snowstorm. In preparation, some parents pulled their kids for early dismissal from the schools.

Last Springs’ bomb cyclone may have added to the panic. The bomb cyclone caused students to be stuck at school through the evening. That afternoon, dismissals at the middle school were so often, the front office started to just announce each one on the school-wide intercom.

“I had a crick in my neck from being constantly on the phone,” Ms. Thomas, Attendance Secretary said. 

Wednesday, October 30th was canceled due to the predicted snow storm and its freezing temperatures. Coming back after three close snow days left some kids more prepared for school, and others more energetic.

“It was nice to have a break in the middle of the week,” Teagan Salo 9 said. “I kind of feel that I had a better grip on homework.”

Ms. Campbell felt some students were more drowsy after their sleep schedules altered, and others were more energetic about the snow and possible coming snow days. “Some were sleepy because they weren’t back in the mood of school yet.” Ms. Campbell said.

Weather forecasts are predicting more snow for 2019, meaning possibly more snow days. With the three snow days already gone and a limited amount of snow days scheduled in the district calendar, students may have to go into possible makeup days within the school year, or even into the summer.

“It takes a lot for me to be afraid to get out on the roads and travel,” said Ms. Thomas, “but I think it’s really important to keep everyone safe, especially students and staff and so I’ll never complain about a snow day.”