How COVID-19 affected the 2020 NFL Season


Additionally against all odds, they are continuing the 2020 NFL season, till further notice.

Bryanna-Marie Garcia, Ranger Review Reporter

In the year of 2020, a global pandemic changed our lives and made an impact. One of many things was the NFL (National Football League) season. COVID-19 made an effect on the NFL preseason, camps, practices, games, and how they are running the new NFL season. 

Many NFL activities were changed, such as being cancelled, postponed, or held virtually. 

As always, the start of a new season there is an NFL Draft. The NFL Draft is one of the most important events for the NFL. For the reason of choosing new players to better their teams. Unfortunately the 2020 NFL draft was held virtually, due to COVID-19. 

The NFL league has changed the entire preseason. During discussions with the NFL, they have changed the number of preseason games. This year there were only two preseason games, one away and one at home. Their reasoning was to show coaches, players, and staff the new COVID-19 health protocols. 

Now that the entire preseason was changed, this led to an impact for the NFL players. Injuries occur very often during each NFL season. Yet, this year over a hundred players have been injured. 

This is occurring due to the lack of preseason games, practices, and camps; with high speeds and full contact. 

Players and coaching staff are being tested for COVID-19 everyday. Before traveling for games two days prior, they are being required to be tested before they arrive. 

During games everyone one the sidelines are required to follow COVID-19 guidelines. Every coach and staff member on the sidelines are having to wear a mask and reducing the size of each team’s travel party. 

There are many dissimilarities in the new 2020 NFL season, and one of many is the capacity of fans at the stadiums. Before COVID-19, for a game there are approximately over 80,000 fans in the stadium. Now some NFL teams are allowing less than 10,000 fans in the stadium. 

For the 2020 season, a total of 68 players have opted out. Twenty-two offensive linemen and Eleven defensive linemen are among those sitting out. As well as Eleven wide receivers; eight linebackers, six corner-backs, four running backs, and three tight ends and safeties who chose to opt out. There were no quarterbacks, kickers or punters.