This Week in Sports (Week 8 edition)


"NFL @ Wembley Oct 2010" by beefy_n1 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

The season is six weeks in and is currently on its 55 year anniversary of being a league. 8 weeks in we now see the playoff teams and the rebuilding teams but as the season progresses we will see which teams are pretenders and which teams are contenders.

Ryan Hwang-King, Ranger Review Reporter

The NFL Season has started and eight weeks in we get to see which teams aspire for bigger goals of playoffs, some even being contenders while other teams look to move on with their current core and bolster picks for the future.

The Kansas City Chiefs have been the biggest disappointment of the season.  Accumulating a combined 33-5 record over the past two years the chiefs were predicted to be once again dominant. 

With players like Orlando Brown and Rodney Hudson added to their O-line, the Chiefs were predicted to once again be dominant but the predictions could not have been more wrong. Teams have run all over the Chiefs’ once dominant secondary as the defense has dropped from Top 10 all the way down to 27th in points allowed.

Offenses have danced all over the bodies of the Kansas City defense. Standing at 3-4 the once thought to be unstoppable Chief team is showing cracks in its once unbreakable core.

The Green Bay Packers have surprised many after a week one loss which saw the team lose 38-3 people questioned the focus of the team. Throughout eight weeks the team has not only rebounded but has also caught fire in the midst of a seven game win streak with many of the core players on the roster injured.

With many injuries to the core of this team they still fight and are standing at the top of a stacked nfc conference. This team once again shows a lot of promise and looks to take the Lombardi home in February. 

The Dallas Cowboys have surprised many and have started out to a 5-1 record. As much as we all hate the Cowboys they have been dominant. Quarterback Dak Prescot and Defensive Back Trevon Diggs have led their offense to top 5 in points scored and defense to third in turnovers forced but despite a 5-1 record there are still a lot of questions on the roster. Their defense has holes being 30th in points allowed and Mike McCarthy at the helm there is still hope for the rest of the league. 

The Buffalo Bills have continued to improve after last year’s 13-3 record. Despite a 6-2 record they have the number one offense and defense. With core players like Josh Allen, Stephon Diggs, Mika Hyde, Emmanuel Sanders and Cole Beasley all having great seasons this team shows ambitions of hoisting the Lombardi in February. 

The Arizona Cardinals were certainly a surprise team to say the least. Throughout 8 games they boast a 7-1 while playing in the toughest division in football. With many questions with the team going into the season they have answered and silenced doubters. 

Core players like Kyler Murray, DeAndre Hopkins, Buddha Baker, Christian Kirk, and Chandler Jones on this team have shown talent on both the offense and defense.

The Las Vegas Raiders always had the talent but never could finish. With back to back 8-8 seasons the coaching of John Gruden was in question.The Offense was elite with talent like: Dereck Carr, Josh Jacobs, Darren Waller, and Hunter Renfrow.

The questions came at the defensive end of the field, ranking at 24 in yards allowed and 30th in points allowed last year Gruden was on the hot seat but this year the defense has flown. With players like: Yannick Ngakoue, Quinton Jefferson, Max Crosby and Carl Nassib the defense ballooned to a top ten spot. 

With a 3-1 record they sat atop feeling like they were on top of the world but the football gods weren’t done with them yet. Four weeks ago the raiders head coach John Gruden’s emails were released where he made racist comments which led to him having to step down as a head coach. 

Despite this they look even better without him and sit atop their division with a 6-2 record to hold throughout the season. This team has made big strides and will be going places in january.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have had the biggest fall from grace in recent memory. After a 2017 season with a record of 13-7 the Jaguars had a bright future. The defense was loaded with pro bowlers all around and boasted themselves with a name to be feared, “Sacksonville!”

Little did those fans know that would be the only best season they would have in a long time. Now the Jaguars standing at 1-21 in their last 22 games are now stuck at the grind to get back to the top. With rookie Quarterback Trevor Lawrence there is still hope for this poor franchise but with bad loss after bad loss their fragile frame is starting to fade.

The defending Super Bowl champs Tampa Bay Buccaneers stand at 6-1 through 8 weeks. The offense is once again great with pro bowlers all around but the defense has shown holes.

Tampa’s secondary has been missing many starters and had injuries to core players like Veta Veia, Shaq Barrett, and Jason Pierre-Paul. There are many questions with this team but they still hold their division’s lead and are the defending champs. 

After 8 weeks we now see which teams are playoff teams and the teams that are rebuilding. As the weeks drag on we will soon see if these playoff teams are contenders or pretenders.