Everything you Need to Know about Russian and Ukrainian Conflicts


Nizhniy Novgorod

An Internal troop of the Ministry of internal affairs is in Russia.

Lily Savage, Ranger Review Reporter

Within recent weeks there is a buzz around Lewis-Palmer High School in regards to Russian and Ukrainian affairs; however, there is a lot of misinformation.

Ukraine has suffered since the separation from Russia. With a weak economy and foreign policy weighing it down, the Ukrainian population has been swaying between Pro-Russian and Pro-European ideologies. In 2013-2014 Ukraine attempted to join the European Union. Former President Viktor Yanukovych was run out of office due to political unrest, creating a suitable environment for Russia to invade Ukraine.

Throughout 2014, Russia started and continued to invade Ukraine. More than 2,500 Ukrainians were killed during that invasion.

In January of 2022, Ukrainian-Russian affairs again flared up. Russia’s relationship with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) has been at its lowest level since the cold war. Russia accuses Ukraine of not fulfilling its side of the agreement created in 2014. 

Currently, the big question for most Americans is if war is inevitable. If Putin waits to declare war, he risks the war leading into the Russian 2024 elections. If a war was to lead into 2024 it would create a more devastating effect on Russia and potentially the United States in regards to elections.

America has inserted itself into these affairs trying to postpone or stop the possibility of war.

 “American citizens should leave now,” President Joe Biden said in an interview with NBC. “There’s not. That’s a world war when Americans and Russia start shooting at one another.”

 American communications with Russia have been attempted and limited. The US government is unsure of Putin’s intentions and NATO communication is lacking. The question of war is left at a standstill, however, the effects on the world are evident. 

The Russo-Ukrainian war has intensified, western countries are involving themselves and creating a divided world. As the situation progresses, keeping an eye on the situation will warn Americans of a war. It is important to support those who are hurting and to remain aware, humans are humans, they are no different from each other. 

An Internal troop of the Ministry of internal affairs is in Russia.