Spring and Summer Fashion Week back in full force


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This picture is Jean Paul Gaultier’s creations. This is four different outfits based on the mariniere, an iconic piece of the brand.

Lara Olagne, Ranger Review Reporter

From January 24th through January 27th was the Spring and Summer High Fashion Week in Paris. High Fashion week has 32 brands presenting their collections. Starting with Schiaparelli, and ending with Yanina Haute Couture. Chanel, Dior, Iris Van Herpen, and Valentino also showed off their new collections. Each day, eight brands were performing with twenty minutes shows. 

It was the first fashion week in two years to be in person. Most of the brands did online shows or found alternatives such as videos, expositions, or other online media over the past two years.

A lot of celebrities attended the event, athletes like Venus Williams, rappers such as Kanye West, TikTokers like Noah Beck, and even actors such as Clara Delevingue. 

Schiaparelli stood out from the other brands. The fashion designer Daniel Roseberry did a perfect job while reviewing the old codes of the house with his own style. He followed the main color of Schiaparelli (gold, white, and black) and refurbished some old models. 

Jean Paul Gauliter retired from fashion in 2020. Since then, a new fashion designer is nominated each year to reinterpret the techniques and style the brand is known for. This year, it was Glenn Marten’s turn. Most fans believed that Marten paid homage to the brand’s history. Marten found a new way to stylise the Mariniere, the most famous representative and iconique piece of Jean Paul Gaultier, by turning it into an interesting dress and playing with the lines.

On January 23, 2022, Thierry Mugler a french fashion designer passed away. He is famous for creating his own brand called Mugler. His brand became famous around the 70s and has since dressed celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Cardi B, and Madonna. His silhouettes are easily recognizable thanks to their very small waist and dramatic design. In the Mugler style was the corset, and every silhouette was built around it. He retired from fashion in 2002 and gave the lead of his brand to Casey Caswallader. Caswallader posted on his instagram about Mugler’s death and wrote as a description.

 “Manfred, I am so honored to have known you and to work within your beautiful world,”  Caswallader said. “You changed our perception of beauty, of confidence, of representation and self empowerment. Your legacy is something I carry with me everything I do. Thank you.”