Team Fluff wins the 2022 Puppy Bowl


Team Ruff (orange) and Team Fluff (blue) battle it out on the Puppy bowl field for the winning title.The ultimutt game was broadcasted on Sunday, February 13, 2022 in New York.

Madison Skalko, Ranger Review Reporter

Team Fluff wins the 2022 Puppy Bowl. The National Geographic Puppy Bowl is a great way for sheltered dogs to be adopted into forever homes. It’s filmed in Glens Falls, New York usually in October. It was broadcasted on Sunday, February 13, 2022 on National Geographic. It’s a 2 hour mock football game with a bunch of toys on the field. Each team has 18 puppies separated into 2 teams; team Ruff and team Fluff. There aren’t any specific rules to the game, whatever happens, happens. 


Sometimes the puppies are really into the game while other times the puppies occasionally need to take a quick water break and sometimes they even take a nap on the sidelines! National Geographic has requirements for selecting the puppies. The puppies have to be easy to mingle with other puppies, vaccinated and between the ages of 12- 21 weeks. 


The National Geographic Channel has been airing the Puppy Bowl for 13 years and for many more to come! Unlike the actual Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl is not live. The filming team films months before and it takes about 2 days to film all of the content to show off all the puppies. It gives them all a reasonable amount of screen time as well. 


There are so many different ways to watch sports but it’s more fun to make a game out of it yourself. 


“I kind of got dragged into it. Having three sisters to pull you in everything and pretty much ended up kind of like a betting kind of sport for us,” Nathan Unks 10 said. “It’s definitely a good cause. It’s also fun to watch. It’s a very ruthless sport, obviously between puppies just picking up toys and running around. It’s cute and it’s for good because the dogs get adopted. It’s fun. It’s just cute dogs being cute.” 


Who says watching fake football isn’t fun? Unks and his family like to add a little more to the game watching experience. 


“Well, it used to be a family tradition before the Super Bowl because we’re big football fans. And my sisters are big dog fans and I have three of them; they’re obsessed with everything that has to do with dogs.” 


Camden Meyers hasn’t ever seen the Puppy Bowl but is totally for the National Geographics’ advocacy event. “Personally, we already have a dog and I don’t think that’d be a huge option just because we already have one we only want to stick with one,” Meyers said.