PDA is becoming a bigger problem at Lewis-Palmer High School


Two students are showing Public Display of Affection.

Jourdan Valentine, Ranger Review Sports Editor

At Lewis-Palmer High School there is a rule in the student hand book that states there can be no PDA on school grounds. PDA stands for public display of affection. This can be anything from passionately kissing to touching each other in inappropriate ways.

Lewis-Palmer has never been very strict with this rule but recently it has gotten out of hand.

Walking down the hallways at school there are kids constantly hanging on each other. A friendly hug is understandable but when the students start to make out it is revolting. It is a private thing that should not be happening in the hallways.

I understand that this is high school but teachers should be telling kids it is inappropriate. At Palmer Ridge High School the PDA rule is strictly enforced.  At Lewis-Palmer Middle School PDA is strictly enforced but in high school it is seen as normal.  

I personally do not want to see what stage the couple’s physical interaction is in and I don’t want to experience the intimate details of their relationship.

I do not have a problem with a quick kiss or holding hands or hugging. I hug my friends all the time but when I am walking down the halls I do not want to see someone with their tongue down someone else’s throat.

The security personnel at Lewis-Palmer believes that public display of affection only happens every once in a while and that they tell the kids to stop almost every time it is seen.

I do not agree with this statement because PDA is consistently happening in the hallways at Lewis-Palmer. The security would realize this if they walk around during passing period or lunch because it may not always be easy to see it happening on the camera.

The display of public affection needs to be better controlled at Lewis-Palmer High School.