Rosie’s Diner Review

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Vaughn Bassett, Editor

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Rosie’s Diner Review
Monument, Colorado is home to two high schools and a gorgeous view of the Rocky Mountains. Nestled in Monuments downtown area is a nifty little 50’s themed diner named Rosie’s Diner. This establishment has been in Monument for over twenty years and has been as iconic to the community as Mount Hermon and the Palmer Lake Star.

The exterior of the diner is like someone teleported the diner straight from 1955 with a metal surface and neon light that will make customers want to twist and shout. Another aspect of the exterior of the restaurant that helps customers get into the 50’s mood is the music that can be heard from every corner of the parking lot.

Walking into the establishment will lead way to 50’s nostalgia thanks to walls decorated with records and pictures signed by stars of the Rockabilly era of music along with pink and candy green lights. The tables and booths also match the green and pink lighting. Also, the music that can be heard from outside can be heard inside and is controlled by a vintage jukebox.

The next thing that will make customers want to throw on their leather jackets and poodle skirts on is the home cooked food. Obviously, the flagship of any diner is their burgers, fries and shakes.

The burgers were cooked amazingly and had a perfect amount of seasoning and depending on which kind of burger a consumer gets the bun and vegetables are fresh. The fries follow suit with an amazing combination of salt and pepper fresh out of the fryer. The shakes are also something to die for is their creamy shakes. Their shake flavors range from chocolate to banana. Each shake comes with whipped cream, a cherry on top, and a backup of ice cream. Rosie’s also offers a wide variety meals like soups, sandwiches and salads. They also have unique drinks such as chocolate sodas.

Those wishing to be transported back to the Nifty 50’s are those wanting to get a nice fulfilling meal should definitely make their way to Monuments own Rosie’s Diner. Because of Rosie’s wonderful 50’s atmosphere and delicious food, Rosie’s Diner deserves a 9/10.

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