Pokemon Sun & Moon Review

Pokemon Sun & Moon legendaries.

Pokemon Sun & Moon legendaries.

Shane Bassett, Ranger Review Reporter

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After the release of Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire back in November of 2014, it promised fresh gameplay, new Pokemon to catch, new Legendary Pokemon and a better story. The two games released side by side and sold a total of 13.68 copies, growing the fa

nbase of Pokemon. But new installations to the Pokemon franchise were released recently in November. Those new installations are Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon.

The thing for a lot of people is that it’s difficult to choose between the two games. Some people don’t even know the difference. Basically, Both pokemon Sun & Moon are the same except for only a few things. Some of those things are the legendaries. Solgaleo is the legendary for Pokemon Sun and Lunala is the legendary for Pokemon Moon. There are also some regular Pokemon that are exclusive to each game respectively. Besides that, people choose the game they wish to play by seeing which legendary pokemon looks “cooler”. The people that can’t decide over the two legendaries simply purchase both games.


Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon have brought something to the table for the franchise that Pokemon games has never brought before. The two games have brought even more new exotic Pokemon, better graphics, a more immersive world to explore, the best story to offer, and two new amazing legendary Pokemon, Lunala and Solgaleo. There is also a new mechanic, Z-Crystals. Z-Crystals have the ability to let a Pokemon release a devastating attack on the opponent. Better yet, there is new region for the game. It’s called the Alola Region.


The game revolves around the player’s character moving to the Alola region from the Kanto region with their mother. The character soon meets with Professor Kukui, a Pokemon researcher. The player learns from the professor about the trials that are in which spread across the four islands of the Alola region. Unlike other Pokemon games that had “Gyms” in various towns and cities, trials in Pokemon Sun & Moon are what they sound like. They are a “test” to see if the player is strong enough to fight the Trial Captain’s Totem Pokemon. To be specific, each of the seven total trials have a Trial Captain. Once the player completes the trial, they will have to fight a powerful Pokemon that was trained by the Trial Captain. Along with Trial Captains, there are also Island Kahunas. The Island Kahuna has the strongest team of Pokemon there is on the island they represent. There is one Kahuna per island that the player battles once they complete all the trials on that island.


While the player is traveling across the region, they will encounter Team Skull, the gang of the Alola region. They are bad apples that have one and only one goal; and that is to steal people’s rare Pokemon. In my opinion, as a gang, they are terrible. They have weak Pokemon, and never get anything done. If/whenever you encounter Team Skull, you have nothing to worry about at all.


Overall, whichever one you choose, Pokemon Sun & Moon are an excellent addition to the Pokemon franchise. They both offer what every Pokemon game has offered in the past and they yet offer things that the Pokemon franchise has never seen before. If you have a Nintendo 3DS system and haven’t yet purchased either game, I highly recommend to get get one or both games the next time you have the chance.

If you would like to know more about the new Pokemon Sun & Moon games, the trailer is below.





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