Marvel at Marvel’s Newest Movie: Thor Ragnarok


Ian Porter, Ranger Review Reporter

On Friday November 3, 2017, with a 180 million dollar budget, Marvel Studios released Thor Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, which has been long awaited by many people. Thor, the god of thunder is played by Chris Hemsworth in the third epic Thor movie.

The plot for the movie is Surtur plots to destroy Asgard, but then Thor vanquishes him. Thor then finds out that he has a sister and that she wants to rule Asgard because she was the rightful Queen. Thor is captured by a valkyrie and forced to fight hulk. He escapes and goes to Asgard and fights his sister. This the pretty close to the regular Marvel plot of bad guy captures a city and then fights the main character and the good guy wins. Even with the little changes in the plot it makes the movie better.

The opening scene of this movie uses a comical way to introduce the “bad guy.” The whole scene is lighthearted when Thor first meets Surtur, setting off the rest of the movie with comedy. The scene features Surtur, the monster to destroy Asgard, and Thor. Thor starts out talking to a skeleton then he falls out of the cage and sets his eyes on Surtur. While they talk they have to stop talking while Thor spins back to face Surtur. This made the audience laugh.

This movie also features characters who are very well developed. Thor is completely different in Thor Ragnarok than in the other Thor movies. He is amusing and not as focused as in other movies. He is not as focused when he is fighting Hulk, waiting around for things to happen, and fighting his sister. This makes him a better character.

Loki, Thor’s half brother, is an impactful character in the movie and is still trying to trick people but in the end he saves a lot of people. He is humorous regular but now he is heroic which is a big character twist from the other movies.

Hulk still smashes everything and has anger issues but, now he talks more when he is Hulk than in the other avenger movies he is in. When he turns back into Bruce Banner he is not at all like Bruce back in the Avengers. That is what happens when you are Hulk for two years. They made Hulk funny by making him act like a little kid when he is Hulk and that the movie better and funnier.

They even have a pile of rocks named Korg who has a sense of humor and makes the whole audience laugh. He is a great character because he is comical by not taking things seriously.  When he wants to get everybody off of Asgard he asks if they want to get on the ship.

The valkyrie is an asgardian, a protector of the king of Asgard on a planet where all the unwanted stuff goes. Thor finds her and talks her into helping him and Hulk escape with a little help from Loki.

A movie is better than the other movies in the series if you change the story plot around and add new characters to the next movie in the series and that is exactly what Marvel did.

Overall Thor Ragnarok deserves a 10/10 because of the new story plot and the comedy. I would recommend this movie to everyone even if you don’t like Marvel movies. It is an amazing movie and you should watch this movie.