Inside the Depths of Harry Styles’s Love on Tour Wardrobe


Style’s token outfit from his Las Vegas show featuring a bright pink monochrome set, polished off with a sparkly magenta tassel vest.

Lily Poteet, Ranger Review Reporter

When it comes to the talk about concert flair and wear, Harry Styles is awarded the crown for the artist that strikes up the most conversation about that token topic that has been floating around the media. Recently, social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have been erupting on the topic of Harry Styles and his current Love On Tour wardrobe. Consisting of various combinations between vibrant button ups and exotic flared trousers, along with the addition of the occasional dress or two, Styles has not come to disappoint with the outfits he presents during the show. 

Harry Lampart, Styles’s personal stylist describes his intricate techniques and methods to finding the absolute perfect outfit for each individual show within a Who What Wear, a fashion brand producing trendy content, interview.

“This [process] involves me and Harry going through the runway shows and the lookbooks, and we’ll pull together pieces we like,” Lampart said. Throughout the shows, Harry sports Gucci onstage in every one of his appearances on tour. Lampart also expresses that accessories are the items that make Styles’s outfits scream true Harry Styles fashion.

“I think accessories are an important part of Harry’s style. I think it takes something that could be quite simple maybe and become a bit more tongue-in-cheek and a bit more Harry.” said by Lampert. Pieces like vintage pearl necklaces, eccentric heart shades, and loud, bulging rings are examples of additions that Lampert uses to amplify the amount of ‘Harry’ within a Harry Styles outfit.

With being such a profound stylist, the occasional gossip tends to float within the media about the techniques that Lampert uses when styling Styles. There were some rumors floating around the idea of Lampert forcing Harry to wear certain outfits, as fans describe them as ‘too out-there’ even though they do emulate the patterns of Styles’s previous concert wear. 

Lampert denies the rumors and responds with, “I’m not doing my job if I’m making someone wear something, I don’t want him going out on the red carpet feeling uncomfortable or unhappy.” The emotions that Styles has onstage clearly shows that he is truly himself and happy when performing thus making Lampert’s job complete.

The flamboyance of his closet makes fans want to dress up as well when attending his tour. Although with that comes pressure surrounding surpassing the standard for an extravagant show outfit, something all of Style’s fans seem to ponder over. Styles encourages fans to dress up in whatever they feel comfortable in, and just wear what they love.

“We like to try and have fun, and if people don’t necessarily get it right away, we like that. It’s kind of good,” Lampert said. Styles’ uniqueness and fun presented within his Love on Tour wardrobe truly emulates his engaging and amusing personality and inspires people of all ages to just wear what they want and be unique.