Implementation of PLC days


"Snow Day" by Kansas Poetry (Patrick) is marked with CC BY-ND 2.0.

With the new PLC days put in place this semester students and teachers have become concerned with the potential of the school year getting pushed back. However, with extra time during the school week to complete work students are less stressed and hope to implement Flex Fridays.

Samantha Copeland, Ranger Review Reporter

Living in Colorado, many have become accustomed to the ever changing weather patterns. However, this year seems to be quite different. Whether you chalk it up to climate change or cycles the earth completes, it is clear that something is wrong. With only two snow storms this year Coloradans are concerned. 

District 38 has installed PLC (professional learning community) days, where students are able to enjoy a day off while teachers spend the day in meetings discussing academic success. The district had set this in place to act as a snow day; making every previously scheduled two hour delay into a day off as well as sporadically placed PLC days.

While this might seem great, many have concerns on how it might affect students in the future. With weather being a constant unknown, students have become concerned that we might get more snow days and it will push the school year into summer vacation. 

Many teachers have also become concerned with scheduling and how they will be able to plan lessons around the crazy schedule. Another issue is keeping students engaged and motivated when the school weeks are consistently cut short. 

Personally, I have been accustomed to short weeks and more time to complete work. When it comes to five day weeks I have started to become overwhelmed and exhausted with the workload. I think instead of PLC days, there should be Flex Fridays put in place. 

Returning students will recall that last year during the second semester, the school had implemented Flex Fridays, which were designated work days for students to catch up on work. They were originally set in place for students who had been affected by COVID-19 in any way to come in and make up tests and visit with teachers. However they became a great way for every student to make up work and take much needed time off.

Replacing PLC days with Flex Fridays or moving each PLC day to the end of each week would create a better schedule for teachers, giving each block two days in the week to plan for. Also creating a great time for students to focus on mental health and school work.