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We are the student run publication of the Ranger Review Newspaper for Lewis-Palmer High School. Our team is highly dedicated to making sure the real news that high school students need to know is out and about for everyone to read. Over the years, our school newspaper has transitioned from a print edition to an entirely online version. However, print copies of current editions of the Ranger Review called “The Toilet Paper Edition” can be seen hanging in our school bathrooms. Whether you are a student or teacher, senior or freshman, the Ranger Review is written for you. Follow us on Instagram or Twitter (just click the icons on the home page- it’s super easy) to “be in the know” on school, local or world events.

Ranger Review Staff


AnneMarie Ackerman

Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Vaughn Bassett


Antonio Pacitto

Faculty Adviser

Carrie Hendrix

Team Leaders

Rebecca Crook

Jakob Aggers

Shane Bassett

Macee Trottner


Emma Ackerman

Haley Carlson

Andrew Manney

Tanner Park

Carson Trumpold

Blake Bassett

Victoria Bridges

Taite Hudson

Ian Porter

Sarah Shaver

Natalie Burr

Mikayla Cheesman

Brennan Lee

Olivia Peterson

Dillon Crump

Kaitlyn Hutson

Kathryn Juhasz

Mekhi Ozuna

Hannah Van duren

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About Us