Creating an art since his youth


Bryce Oppenheimer

Max McCutcheon acting during a superhero play.

Macee Trottner, Ranger Review Reporter

Students at Lewis-Palmer High School have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of diverse clubs and activities at the school. One student, Max McCutcheon, 12, is the vice president of drama club and is involved in all of the school plays and musicals. McCutcheon has been acting ever since he was eleven years old.

He has partaken in acting since a young age and began acting because he was forced to participate in the first musical as a freshman. McCutcheon has been in every school production since his freshman year besides one.

“I have always enjoyed being on stage and performing for people,” McCutcheon said. “I like to make people laugh when they watch me act.”

When he is preparing himself to act on stage before a performance, McCutcheon uses different techniques to warm-up. He always warms his vocal cords, recites tongue-twisters, and uses movement to warm his body before he acts.

“I always follow a process where, instead of just knowing the name of my character, I go into depth with creating a life story for the character to find out who they really are,” McCutcheon said. “After that I just need a little be of quietness to mentally prepare myself.”

McCutcheon plans to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln next fall and will be studying theatre arts. He would like to find out what he will do for the rest of his life and make a name for himself while he is attending college for three years.”

“After I graduate from college I am looking forward to being involved in the theatre world,” McCutcheon said. “I hope to be cast in movies or be on broadway.”