Nicolas Pacitto- The Musical Freshman

Pacitto's (Pear Finch) album cover for his second album,

Pacitto's (Pear Finch) album cover for his second album, "Eight Infinity".

Shane Bassett, Ranger Review Reporter

Nic Pacitto is a well rounded freshman student that currently attends LPHS. He was both born and raised in Colorado Springs along-side his brother Antonio Pacitto. Pacitto is a hard working student that does everything he can to the best of his abilities.


“I try to take all the hard classes because school is all about rigging it up for college, so why not take hard classes. Also language classes I love so I’m taking a bunch of those.” said Pacitto.


Along with his heavy loads of classes, he also attends some clubs within school. Those two clubs correspond to the two language classes he currently takes which are German and Chinese.


Aside from the insane amount of commitment that Pacitto puts into school, he does have free time outside of school. Like any other freshman, he does the usual, but there is one thing that not every freshman does.


“Ich spiele gern Klavier (German for “I like to play the Piano”) and aside from that I actually do make music and play electronic games.”


Pacitto surprisingly enough makes music. In fact, he has been making music for four years now. Within that time, he has released two albums on iTunes and Google Play along with much more of his music on his Soundcloud profile. He even has an artist name; and that would be Pear Finch. The links for all locations of his music will be at the bottom of this profile.


“The way I make music is a bit different for most people because it doesn’t involve lyrics. Instead, it’s more of electronic music and I kind of do it whenever I feel like it and it’s been prosperous.” said Pacitto.


Besides making music on his computer, he does play a few actual instruments. A few of those include the Piano and a Trap Set. A Trap Set is basically a set of percussion drums. The best part is that he doesn’t need sheets of music to follow, he can openly freestyle on both instruments and recreate what he brainstormed in his music making software, FL Studio.


Overall, Pacitto is a hard working student that commits to school as much as possible. He also plays a few instruments and even makes music of his own for others to enjoy.