Breeding is joy

Ashley Lopez bonding with one of her Boston Terriers.
We cherish the puppies we breed.

Ashley Lopez

Ashley Lopez bonding with one of her Boston Terriers. “We cherish the puppies we breed.”

Marlee Mikesell, Ranger Review Reporter

According to Gallup, forty-four percent of Americans have dogs; however, Ashley Lopez 10 is more than just a dog owner, she is a dedicated dog breeder. Lopez has bred dogs for almost six years. She has five Boston-Terriers that she calls family, but has bred a total of 25 puppies that have been adopted.

People can adopt the dogs using the online resources available that Ashley and her brother have created. The two incorporate social media into their family’s business to advertise their dogs and for people to potentially adopt them. Sometimes they reach out to various newspapers, such as The Denver Post. Although, in order to adopt one of the puppies, the potential owners must meet with her family and complete an interview process that entails analyzing the family dynamic. This makes sure that the dog will be living in a safe place and the owners have good intentions.

“We have people come over to actually see the puppies and know if the puppy is right for them. We even have owners who we know that we can trust as they have bought more than one puppy from us,” Lopez said.

Lopez mentioned that the breeding process is very emotional and it is almost impossible to not get attached to the puppies. Ashley said she develops a connection with every single one of the puppies and is never ready to say goodbye.

“We cry at the end because we always have a dog that we wish we could have kept, but every little part of it, seeing them grow up with this family, being loved, and taken care of is amazing,” Lopez said. “We get pictures from the owners in the future or when the puppies are all grown up. We cherish the puppies that we breed.”

There is a lot of work that goes into breeding dogs that is often overlooked by people outside of the dog breeding business. Medical bills, food, shots and time are just a few of the costly things that are included of the breeding process.

“Breeding dogs is a lot of fun, but it takes time and responsibility. I wouldn’t recommend doing it unless you love dogs and you’re willing to give your time to them, willing to take care of them properly, willing to make sure everything is okay and are willing to pay for food and medical. It’s 100% worth it,” Lopez said.

“Dog breeding isn’t because of the money, it is because you love the dogs and love all the puppies,” Lopez said.