An actor walking to fame


Shaun Murphy laughs during an improv skit. Tanner Park 11 shares a laugh.

Clayton Saunders, Ranger Review Reporter

The path to fame is considered by many, one of the most difficult lifestyles to get started in for an aspiring actor. Shaun Murphy 12 at Lewis-Palmer High School has chosen that it is the path for him. Murphy is participating in Lewis-Palmer’s drama program and is playing a role in the upcoming musical.

The school is putting on a production of the broadway musical and cartoon movie, Beauty and the Beast. Murphy has been in multiple productions with LP and has played a variety of different characters and roles.

“I am going to be playing Monsieur D’Arque. He is the the head of the physciatric ward. He plays when Bell’s dad sees the beast and runs in to town screaming,” Murphy said.

Murphy’s roles in the past have been more comedic than in this production. Being a character with dark motives and an evil personality is a different type of role for him.

“I think it’ll be very different because it’s a very sinister and evil role. I’m a very comedic guy; I like to do comedy. This is going to be different change of pace,” Murphy said.

Murphy does not intend to stop his drama career after high school. He plans to move to Hollywood in hopes of finding a job in the film industry. In addition to acting, he also sees potential for different types of showmanship, such as stand up comedy.

“I got a card with this guys name on it at Thescon. He basically said that the only way to be successful in this industry is to have connections. Then continued to say now you have one,” Murphy said.

With a history of Hollywood being difficult to make connections, Murphy plans to get in the film production business then work his way up until he is more known. He believes the connections he can make will allow him to climb up the ladder of the movie industry.

“First I’d start off as a boom mic guy and then spread myself out with the types of film production things I do. I wanna do this so I don’t have just that one single career option,” Murphy said.

Murphy is not only invested in acting for his future, he would also like to study architecture as a fall-back career. He plans on studying for two years at Pikes Peak Community College and then transfer to a larger school such as UCCS.

In the career path Murphy has chosen, it is widely looked at as a tough start with a rewarding future. Many actors today struggled to get where they are now, but Murphy believes he’ll make it if he tries.