Gifted with an amazing voice


Photo Credit: Ella McRae

Ella McRae, on the right, with her friends Jamie McPartland, in the middle, and Kayli Ecklund, on the left, after the musical Beauty and the Beast. “I love the joy that music brings our lives,” McRae said.

Marlee Mikesell, Ranger Review Reporter

Singing is something that means more to Ella McRae 10, then what it means to everyone else. She has been singing ever since she can remember and she can not imagine life without singing.

McRae is apart of the Treble Voices choir at Lewis-Palmer High School. The Treble Voices is a soprano and alto choir which is audition select only. Therefore, making the Treble Voices as a sophomore is quite an accomplishment. The Treble Voices, just had a concert and will be having a Holiday concert this December.

“We just had our first concert went really well, we did some challenging songs in foreign languages, but we did good and we have a Holiday Concert in December,” McRae said.

Singing takes up quite a bit of McRae’s time. She not only partakes in Choir, but was in the Beauty and the Beast musical this fall and she does voice lessons.

“I am basically singing all the time. I just finished the Musical, which was the past two months of my life, but I love it, I am doing it all the time,” McRae said, “I take voice lessons once a week after school.”

Music means different things to different people, to some it is their livelihood, it may be something that can provide an escape to some people, a world that helps people release emotions and help them get through tough times and to some means nothing.

“Singing means to me… well I have a musical family, so it is a big part of my life and we are all singing all the time, we always have music going.” McRae said, “I have been singing as long as I can remember.”

The University of California Berkeley, did a study of a group of individuals singing together and noticed that something “magical” happened. UC Berkeley noticed that music bonds people together, like nothing else.  UC Berkeley discovered that music helps society grow together and can help people get through the hard times that arise in their lives.

“I love the joy that it brings our lives and the different opportunities that it brings to us. We can use music to help others and serve them. It helps me serve, especially at church,” McRae said, “Music helps me to do things that I usually would not try. It helps keep things good at home and keeps the happiness there.”

Singing in the shower, humming a tune while cleaning the house, and singing with friends are common things that most everyone does. There are two choirs at Lewis-Palmer High School, treble voices and mixed choir. Mixed choir, is a choir anyone can do and there are no auditions. Ella McRae encourages students to participate in choir.

“Go for it. Doing the class, you learn so much and if you don’t try it, you will never learn it,” McRae said.