Cyberpatriot performs well this year


The Cyberpatriot team poses for a picture. Their team nickname is the Jedi Knights. Photo credit: Julie Smith

Carter Caines, Ranger Review Reporter

Cyberpatriot is a Lewis-Palmer club that involves cyber security for competitions. The Cyberpatriot team has done well in recent years and the team anticipates another good year.

Brogan Bewley 11, is a member of the Cyberpatriot club. “ But we usually do pretty well, our top groups will perform like pretty nicely” said Bewley. He went on to explain how well the team has done in recent years and how that will affect the team’s performance this year. He also continued to talk about the leadership roles within the Cyberpatriot team.

In Cyberpatriot, there are separate groups much like varsity and junior varsity in high school sports. The groups are based on the knowledge and skills that were previously demonstrated. “I’m probably gonna be on our lower team because I haven’t ever done it before” said Bewley. He talked about how the level of skill that one possesses can define which group you can get into.

Bewley also said how even the lowest level group have hopes of doing well in the district level competitions. The competitions will take place toward the start of fall break for all of the groups that are apart of Cyberpatriot.

“We have been practicing towards these competitions since before the start of this semester” said Bewley. He talked about how dedicated some of the club members can get. He also talked about how the hard work that the club puts in to make sure they perform well during the competitions.

As the competitions get closer and closer, the team grows in anticipation. This year’s competitions will test their abilities.