Arneson faces adversity as student athlete


Photo by Laura Domingue

Kai Arneson 11 blocks a defensive lineman in order to protect the quarterback. “I have definitely become stronger as a player because I’ve had to push through challenges,” Arneson 11 said.

Jakob Aggers, Editor in Chief

During the off-season from football, Kai Arneson 11 continues to practice and workout in anticipation for his upcoming senior season and possible college football career. He practices in Denver with professional coaches in order to improve his skills.

“My aspiration for college is definitely to play D1 football,” Arneson said. “One of the ways I thought I’ve gotten closer to reaching that goal is by going up to Denver and working out at a gym called Six Zero Strength and Fitness. I’m coached by a man named Matt McChesney who has played professional football for the Jets, Dolphins, and Broncos.”

Working out at this facility in Denver has made Arneson stronger, both physically and mentally. He recognizes the amount of effort and work ethic it takes in order to reach his goals.

“The workouts have benefitted me because they’ve shown me how to push through and keep going,” Arneson said. “It’s not always easy to wake up at 4:00 AM and drive up to Denver just to work out. It’s also made me a lot stronger physically and I know way more about football now than I ever had in the past.”

Arneson receives position-specific training in which he is coached on technique, stance, blocking, how to read the field, and other skills crucial to his success.

“There’s a lot of skill specific training that we do as well. A lot of times, we do competitions where the defensive line will go up against the offensive line,” Arneson said. “Those guys up at the gym are all some of the best in the state, so its really cool to go up against guys that play 5A when I only play 3A and there’s a lot of really good competition.”

Arneson has faced adversity during this season through enduring injuries. He broke his back during the game against Palmer Ridge and suffered a T12 compression fracture and swollen T5 and T6 discs.

“Its definitely hard but after getting through it, I know I’ll come out stronger and as a better athlete. I’m not completely healed yet but I’m almost there,” Arneson said. “Injuries have made me stronger as a player because I’ve had to push through these challenges.”