Jones uses truck as statement of patriotism


Photo by Jakob Aggers

Austin Jones 11 stands beside his truck near County Line Road. “Not going to lie, I care more about my truck than I do about most people,” Jones said.

Jakob Aggers, Editor in Chief

Austin Jones 11 drives a blue and white 1989 Ford F-150 which can commonly be seen at the school parking lot. With 38 inch tires and an eight inch lift, the truck towers above the other students’ cars.

“I own the biggest truck in the school parking lot. Honestly, It’s probably the biggest truck in Colorado too,” Jones said. “I worked about 600 hours and saved up a total of $6,000 in order to buy this truck.”

For Jones, it is also a statement of his patriotism. He regularly flies the American flag off the back of his truck.

“I keep the flag up on my truck because I have a very deep amount of respect for the men and women who have fought and died for this country,” Jones said. “So, I thought that I’d display my nationalism and pride in this country by flying the flag on the back of my truck.”

Jones also changes the flag occasionally. During the month of October, he decided to fly a black and white American flag with a pink stripe on it for Breast Cancer Awareness.

“The reason I changed the flag was that my grandmother has breast cancer right now and there is a long history of cancer in my family so I put up a Breast Cancer Awareness flag on my truck in October,” Jones said. “I’m also planning on putting up a police flag and a Don’t Tread on Me flag but I haven’t bought them yet.”

Unfortunately for Jones, owning an older truck also comes with its challenges. Owners must continually put in work on these vehicles in order to keep them in prime condition.

“Right now I’m working on the motor mounts and the steering column,” Jones said. “I also have to re-do the mount for the battery because it just keeps bouncing around and falling off. And, you know, that’s not good.”

With the work that he has put into this vehicle and the patriotic statement that it makes, Jones’ truck has become a significant part of his life.

“Not going to lie, I care more about my truck than I do about most people,” Jones said. “There are very few things that mean more to me in this world than this truck.”