Kinser utilizes writing to process life’s challenges


Rebecca Crook

Kinser works on her most recent drawing. "I prefer drawing because it’s easier to explain emotions and add details through that," Kinser said.

Riley Smith, Ranger Review Reporter

Jaelyn Kinser 10 is a short-story writer and artist who focuses her works on fantasy writing, while also integrating other genres. She enjoys writing, and has written many short-stories. 

“I think from reading books like Hush Hush, The Red Pyramid, and Narnia as well. I take aspects from those and try to put them into my writing,” Kinser said.

She found her love for writing through reading. The love of writing was ignited by books like Finigan on a Rock, The Red Pyramid, and mangas like Bleach. After reading so many of these books, Kinser found she liked telling stories even more than she liked reading them.

“I like story-telling, I enjoy writing stories. Because I read books, I want to do it on my own, produce my own things,” Kinser said.

Kinser uses mythology in a lot of her stories, and for some, she uses it as the inspiration for the story. She finds the mythological animals very interesting and integrates them into her writing. 

“I like looking up mythological animals, and seeing what I can come up with from there,” Kinser said.

Along with being a writer, Kinser is also an artist. In her spare time, she will draw as well as she will write.

“I think I prefer drawing because it’s easier to explain emotions and add details through that,” Kinser said.

While writing is a fun hobby for Kinser, she also uses it as a way to deal with difficult things going on in her life.

“I use it as a tool to express how I feel. It’s easier to write my feelings down instead of having to explain them to someone,” Kinser said. “Writing is a way to cope with issues, and it’s a way to get thoughts that are in my head onto paper.”