Schwartz brings style to Lewis-Palmer


Marlee Mikesell

Schwartz shows off one of her outfits that she styled.“I am into trends,” Schwartz said. “I usually shop at thrift stores. I also go to estate sales, that way I can find vintage stuff.”

Marlee Mikesell, Team Leader

Like history, fashion tends to repeat itself. Scrunchies, one of the most notable trends from the 80’s came back, and several other clothing staples have come back too. For Caitlin Schwartz 11,  style reveals a lot about her personality. 

“I love how clothes from past times are coming back. It’s been going on for a while now. In the 1940’s, certain trends from the 20’s came back,” Schwartz said. “I feel like it is really convenient because you can just go into your parents old stuff and find some cool stuff that’s trendy now.”

With social media apps, it is easy for trends to be noticed and repeated. Several people now turn to thrifting to find fun and one-of-a-kind pieces.

“I am into trends. I usually shop at thrift stores. I also go to estate sales, that way I can find vintage stuff,” Schwartz said. “I like to look online for inspiration. I go to Urban Outfitters too, sometimes.”

Thrift stores and estate sales typically have clothing that can’t be found anywhere else. People can come across items that are extremely rare.

“One of my favorite items I own is a body suit. It is white and long sleeve and looks good under anything. I also have this shirt that says Dazed and Confused on it,” Schwartz said. “It is one of the original promo shirts, and I really love it.”

Not only do people look at social media for inspiration, but vintage photos and television shows also inspire outfits. 

“I look at a lot of different people for style ideas, I follow a lot of different instagram accounts. I love watching old 90’s sitcoms, like ‘Boy Meets World’, for inspiration,” Schwartz said. “I really like 70’s fashion, but I mainly dress with 90’s in mind.”

Schwartz was going through a rough time with her fashion sense when her brother showed her what she should and shouldn’t do.  

“My brother got me into fashion, because when he was in high-school, up until now, he is a skater and a lot of trends originate from skaters,” Schwartz said. “My brother started telling me what to wear, during a point in my life when I was very emo, so that’s a good thing”

Schwartz plans on furthering a career in art and attending art school. She is considering Rhode Island School of Design or the Fashion Institute of Design. 

“I’m planning on going to art school, so I may take a fashion course or something.”