Morrison copes with brother and father leaving


Lily Ragsdale, Ranger Review Reporter

With Rose Morrison’s father being deployed and her brother going off to college, she faces finding ways to cope with their leaving.

“My dad is leaving again, but I’ve gotten used to the fact that he’s leaving because he often goes on TDY’s (a business trip for Air Force Academy).  He’ll be gone for about a month or so. He’s left before for deployments, but this is probably the longest one that I’ve realized will impact me. He’s headed overseas and he will be there for a year. I think my mom will take it hard too. They met in the military and she’s taken a job as a teacher at the Air Force Academy. For my brother, it will be hard because I have a really good relationship with him and he’s headed off to college. I think that is partially because of how close we are in age.  He’s been a great role model through my first year of high school and I’m really going to miss him and our morning car rides. I’m not sure which college he’s going to, because he is still deciding on whether or not to go to St. Olaf or St. Thomas. Next year will be tough, with it just being my mom, (my other) brother and I, but we will be able to make it work. I don’t think their leaving will impact me at school and my grades, but I will definitely have to get used to going home after school and not seeing my dad or brother.”