Book bakes as a hobby


Book bakes as her main hobby. “I bake because it’s fun and easy, and I don’t like the stress to saute and do stuff on a pan because I’m watching it constantly,” Book said.

Riley Smith, Ranger Review Reporter

Amelia Book 9 has a passion for baking. When she gets older, she wants to run a bakery. For now, however, she enjoys making cookies and giving them out to teachers and friends. (Possibly change/add more)

Her favorite things to bake are cookies. She enjoys them especially because it’s the same recipe over and over again, baking cookies still lets her express her creativity.

“It’s pretty much just a variation of the same recipe for every single cookie, but there’s so much you can do with it,” Book said. “Like you could put walnuts in, you can have cakey cookies, you can have dense cookies. You can have really flat, crispy cookies. You can really just screw around with it, and make it your own.”

She has different cookies for each season, each having its own uniqueness. The cookies all relate to the season they are baked in. 

“During the fall, there are these pumpkin spice cookies, they’re really good. They’re like heaven on a bun. Then during Christmas time, specifically around November, there are these eggnog cookies that are so amazing,” Book said. “And teachers compliment me on them, I can eat a batch and a half by myself. Then during the summer, probably just chocolate chip cookies or brown sugar cookies, I’m pretty good at those. Then I also really like butter cookies, or shortbread cookies.”

As much as she likes baking, there are a lot of challenges she has to face along with it. Book that baking can be frustrating, but she believes that it’s always worth it in the end.

“When it doesn’t turn out, or when you mess up the recipe because if you’re like me and you edit your recipes as you go, and you can forget to actually write down the edits,” Book said, “Then you’re like, ‘man I thought these would turn out completely different,’ because you wanted them to turn out the way you edited them.”

Despite all of the challenges, she still genuinely enjoys baking. It is her main hobby, and she has been doing it for a couple of years.

“I bake because it’s fun and easy, and I don’t like the stress to saute and do stuff on a pan because I’m watching it constantly,” Book said. “Whereas baking is a one and done, you put it in the oven and just check on it occasionally, instead of constantly stressing over it. Yes, there is a lot of prep time, but  it’s worth it in the end, and you can make a ton of them in just one big bowl.”