Boy remains positive


Russell Pollard was in the military for around 15 years he’s a father to Quinten Pollard 10, and 5 other children. Quinten’s mother was also in the military when she was deployed Russell and Quinten became really close. “My hero would definitely be my Dad. My Dad is just such an awesome guy.”, Quinten says.

Samantha Copeland, Ranger Review Reporter

Many students here at LP have family members in the military due to all the bases in Colorado Springs. Meet Quinten Pollard 10, he is one of 6 children, and both of his parents were in the Air Force for about 10 to 15 years. Pollard moved here last year from District 20 where he had spent from kindergarten to 8th grade. 

 “when we did originally move it wasn’t planned until the last second. I mean, I probably had a two or three week notice before switching schools. So it kind of happened all at once.” Pollard said.

 Moving to a new school as a freshman and not knowing hardly anyone, Pollard said “Since I was new, I didn’t know what to think of anyone and quite frankly I first hated the school since I had to move so fast; but over time I started to like it more.”

Many families in the military have to deal with family members getting deployed; which can be hard for anyone. 

 “My Dad was never deployed. I know that for sure. But my Mom was deployed and that was during my second and third grade year.” Pollard says, “She was deployed for around 4 to 8 months and It was hard for me back then because I was only living with my Dad.”

Pollard now looks up to his Dad due to him taking care of him for all that time. 

“when my Mom was deployed he was the one that took care of me for all that time and I naturally looked up to him” and “He’s probably the thing that inspires me everyday. I want to be like him. He is just such a good person and everyone likes him, he always strives to do good things in life.”, Pollard said

Pollard has remained positive throughout quarantine saying “From March to July I had the time of my life.”

 Pollard was introduced to Anime during this time by a friend and became intrigued by it saying “ I really just despised people who watched Anime and then one of my friends from another school introduced me to it. I watched a couple of episodes of it and I was like, Oh!”

Pollard is admired by his peers for always being a positive influence on them. He stays positive throughout every situation.

“For me, I really do just like living in the moment and I don’t let things get to me.”, Pollard said