Sport resumes for JV tennis player


Brennan returns a serve in a practice match with his mother. “‘Be aggressive’ That’s probably the best advice she’s [his mother] given me,” Brennan said. “Now I am definitely a very aggressive tennis player.”

Emma Gamanho, Ranger Review Reporter

For Josh Brennan 11, his athletic career has not been put on pause despite the current pandemic. As a junior varsity tennis player, his season began mid August and and lasted for about 3-4 weeks.

With the ongoing presence of COVID-19, many conditions have been put in place in order to allow a handful of students to continue with sports and other extracurricular activities. For boy’s tennis this fall, the new norm sets the picture for future sports to come.

“We have to wear masks when we enter the courts and when we’re in the area. But once you get on your court that you’re going to play at, you can take your mask off,” Brennan said. “You have to stay six feet apart from other players and everyone except your family members. I try my best to social distance while I am on the courts, especially during practice.”

Although COVID-19 has presented many challenges, the game goes on for Lewis-Palmer’s tennis team. For Brennan, this game was passed down to him by his mother. He started showing interest in the sport in the sixth grade and has since been playing for club sports and Lewis-Palmer High School.

“My mom plays tennis and she really influenced me and taught me a lot of things before I signed up to be a part of a club and high school team. It was definitely my mom who influenced me a lot to play tennis,” Brennan said.

In addition to his mother, Brennan idolizes Serena Williams. Serena Williams is a professional tennis player who has won the most Grand Slams in the Open Era since 1968 winning her 23rd in 2017 against her sister Venus. 

“Serena Williams is a queen. I love watching her play. She’s crazy good, the best tennis player in the world,” Brennan said. 

With a shorter season this year, Brennan will also have less time to train with his club coach. Fortunately, this will not be his last chance as he still has his senior year to work with him.  

“I look up to him because he teaches me a lot of things,” Brennan said. “He has really remastered me as a tennis player.”