Atnip crochets for entertainment


Breanna Atnip

Atnip has made many African flower animals, all of which include the hippo, elephant, giraffe, and turtle that she is holding. “I wanted to know how to make stuffed animals because I was also sewing, Atnip said, “I just wanted to know if there was an easier way to make stuffed animals for my friends or my sister. That’s the only reason I started.”

Riley Smith, Ranger Review Reporter

Breanna Atnip 10 has been crocheting since 2015. It is one of her favorite hobbies to do, and she has made many stuffed animals throughout doing it. Crocheting is working with a yarn and a hook to create stuffed animals, blankets, hats, and many other things. There are varying sizes of hooks and yarn in order to make different sizes of things. 

Crocheting is difficult to learn at first, and Atnip can attest to that. She had a long road to figure out how to crochet, but after a little help from the internet she was able to do it.

“My mom knew how to crochet, so she taught me how to crochet. I got too frustrated trying to crochet, so I completely gave it up after that,” Atnip said, “Then I went to Texas, and my cousin knew how to crochet so he tried to teach me, and I actually understood a few things so I was like, ‘heck yeah I can do this!’ Then I got frustrated and stopped again. Then a couple weeks later my mom tried to teach me how again. In the end I just learned off of Youtube.”

Atnip has made many animals through her many years of crocheting. She usually makes animals for her family or friends, and doesn’t keep a lot of them for herself. 

“I made a collection, but I give them to people, so they’re not all in the same place,” Atnip said, “I’d say my sister has most of them, but I’ve made my dad some things, my mom some things, and I’ve made my neighbors some stuff.”

Atnip’s favorite animals to create are African flower animals. African flowers are the equivalent of individual squares on quilts, in the shape of a flower. The animals are made of the flowers sewn together.

“Plumpy. That’s my big hippo made out of the African tiles. That one’s cool. Any of the ones that I’ve made out of the African flowers. The turtle, the hippo, the giraffe, and the elephant. Those ones are my favorite.”

Atnip has considered selling the animals, but doesn’t think that she would have enough time or energy. Selling crocheted animals can make a lot of money, for example, the African flower animals can sell for up to seventy dollars. 

“I would definitely consider selling them if I had more time, but since I don’t, it’s not a good idea, Atnip said, “The people who do, yeah you can make a lot of money, but I don’t think I’m motivated enough to be able to make something over and over again for someone.”

As with anything, there are many difficulties that go along with crocheting. Atnip’s biggest difficulty is working with the yarn. 

“Yarn is really annoying because I’m too lazy to roll it into a ball, so I just use it in the awkward cylinder it is. Then when it gets too low I just buy a new one because I’m too lazy to deal with the tangled mess it leaves at the end,” Atnip said, “Other than that it’s really not too frustrating once you get the hang of it.”

Along with the difficulties, however, crocheting has many amazing feats about it as well. Atnip believes that the sense of accomplishment you get when you finish a project is the best part of any project.

“Once you get really good at it, you can make all your stitches really tight. I just like that and the way it looks. Finishing something is my favorite,” Atnip said, “You can just say, ‘hey, I made this thing, and now I can go give it to someone. It’s a really satisfying feeling.'”