Filla’s Cross Country Experience in 2020

Fillas Cross Country Experience in 2020

Lily Ragsdale, Ranger Review Reporter

“Cross country looked different this year but the team made the most of it. We had to wear our masks the entire time at the meets unless we were running. It was really frustrating too, we had to wait till the gun sounded and we had made a couple strides forward.  Once we finished we had to put our masks on immediately afterwards which caused some issues with us trying to recover and all. I could only race twice due to me getting hurt after the first race of the season but I went to a lot of the meets and my teammates would get yelled at by the officials for trying to help one of our teammates after she collapsed. However, despite all the restrictions by the school and by the CDC we were still able to continue some traditions. One of which was getting a decoration before each meet.  One of my teammates, Henry Taylor, always made locker decorations before each meet but with covid we aren’t allowed to have lockers this year so instead he made stickers which I thought was such a creative idea and I know the team appreciated them. Also, the night before a meet seniors hosted pasta parties for the team so we can carbo load. Again, Covid made it difficult but we were still able to come up with a way to have pasta parties together. It made me sad, though, that there were separate meets for jv and varsity so we didn’t get to watch each other race and support each other. This definitely impacted the overall bond that the team had and made us more divided than usual which was really sad. Despite all that it was still a really great season and I made a ton of memories with my teammates. This may not have been  the senior season I was hoping for but it was still a great season and I’m very thankful that I got one.”